Are you frustrated by too many ads popping on your phone randomly and you tried ad-block but it doesn’t work?

Can’t do a simple task without closing off the ad first?

I know lots of people complain about ads popping on their phone randomly and trying different methods for ad-block. This happens after installing any app from the web. And even after uninstalling the app, ads won’t go away so they think of factory reset the phone. Well, that’s not a bad choice but we have a way simpler alternate method to just solve this ad popping problem means ad-block.

The Solution to your problem is AdAway. AdAway is a free ad-blocking application for the Android mobile operating system. So I will explain to you how to use AdAway step by step.

Caution: This application may only work if you have rooted your phone.

If this method works for you then share the content. If you have any other effective way to block ads then do share in the comments section and we will happily include it in our article.

Step 1: Go to Your Browser and Download AdAway Application. While I am writing this article, the version of AdAway is 3.3 so you may get this or an upgraded version of it. Don’t worry because every version has that main feature of ad-block.

Adaway Application

Step 2: After downloading the application, install it and run.

Step 3: As soon as you run the application, it will update some repositories so don’t worry if it starts downloading anything.

Step 4: Grant the Super-user access/permissions to AdAway so it could initiate ad-block on all ads.

Step 5: Then Click on “Download Files and Apply Ad Blocking” option. It takes about a minute or two but could also take nearly about five minutes and not more than that.

Adaway Android Application

Step 6: Reboot your Phone and Voila there you have what you wanted, a phone with no popup ads.

Happy ad-free life..!!!

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