Applock is the most crucial application that every person uses for the sake of privacy. The Applock on Google Play Store has more than 400 million active users and that does clarify the concern of privacy among the people. Even though Applock has great system protection, it does have some vulnerabilities which we can exploit. So today we have a proper guide to bypass Applock security and access the files which are password protected.

applock google play

There are mainly four methods to bypass Applock Security-

  1. Direct access to files without Password
  2. Uninstallation and Force stop
  3. Safe Boot
  4. Reset password

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1) Direct access to files without Password

This is the simple method which you can use if you have a good amount of time with the device. Follow the below steps carefully-

a) Install any file manager (ES File Explorer is recommended).

b) Open the ES File Manager. Got to the settings option and enable the “Show Hidden Files” option.

c) Now find the Applock folder as shown. “.dom0o7bile”

d) There you will find the folder named “dont_remove“. Open it and you will find many fake folders out of which only one has the hidden images and data. So check size of each folder and find the correct one…!!

e) Once you find the one with the correct size open it.You will see 3 files named as “.image“, “.thumb“, and “.video“.


e) Rename the files with “.jpg” or “.jpeg” for getting hidden images while “.mp4” for hidden videos.

f) There you go. You have successfully infiltrated the target’s private files and bypass Applock security with ease.

2) Uninstallation or Force Stop-

Applock Force Stop

Uninstalling the Applock will remove the password or pin or whatnot protection from files and applications successfully. But if you want to infiltrate without getting noticed then try force stopping the Applock, it will disable it for a while so you get a limited time window to access the files and applications. After the infiltration, just click on the Applock present in the app tray and the app will resume its protection and you will be discreet as ever.

3) Safe Boot-

Safe boot Android

Safe boot is the method in which the device is powered ON with deactivation of all the third-party applications installed on the device. As Applock is a third-party application, it will get disable & you could access the files without breaking a sweat. For safe booting hold the device power button until you get the safe boot option as shown. Might change depending on the device but the idea is the same.

4) Reset password

When enabling app lock security many people forget to lock Gmail and other email apps and also play store. What you have to do is click on reset password. It is present on the right corner in options. The link will be sent to Gmail then you can simply reset the password and gain access. If there is a security code then you might have to guess the answer but not many people apply that security so you might get lucky.


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