Everyone knows Tencent Gaming Buddy, that Emulator which enabled you to play PUBG Mobile on PC. We even posted TGB’s PUBG hack on the website. So, apart from Tencent Gaming Buddy, is there any other Emulator for playing PUBG? Luckily there is! And this one has a potential to be everyone’s favourite. LD Player is another emulator which can be used to play PUBG mobile. Features making it stand apart from Tencent Gaming Buddy is multiwindow gaming and compatibility for large amount of games. So this became our favourite instantly and as we are hackers, we couldn’t resist more to bring you a PUBG hack using LD player.


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Some pre-requisites for performing this HACK:

  1. LD player
  2. Xposed framework apk
  3. Cerberus apk

Go to the website create a account and give a thumbs up to ciceron for this amazing hack…!!

Full credits to ciceron for this amazing hack..!!!!

Go through below steps carefully for hacking PUBG through LD Player


Step 1) Download and install LD player latest version from here: en.ldplayer.net

Step 2) Go to Settings->Advanced and set all the settings you need like resolution and graphics, dpi, etc

Step 3) Go to Settings->Properties and enter your device “GT-I9505” and manufacturer “samsung”. You could try others as well but this worked for me so i`m using this.

Step 4) Install Xposed (Plain Install)

Step 5) After Xposed installation is done, reboot LD player

Step 6) Install Cerberus app but don`t open it yet.

**CAUTION! Don’t start game after this step

Step 7) Open Xposed, click on Modules and click Project Cerberus module from it.

Step 8) Restart LD player

Step 9) Now open Cerberus click on bypass PUBG button below.

Step10) Reboot LD player again

Step 11) Open Cerberus, it should give you the following message

“Congratulations now you can start playing with the bypass again… Note first use a guest account to verify that the bypass works properly. ”.

**Even if the HACK is successful, obey the following to keep your account from a ban.

Possibly get less than 15 kills, not all the time but try to avoid it.

Maintain kill to death ratio under 10.

Do not buy royal pass…!! They have better detection for royal pass users…!!

Don`t abuse the cheat.

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This is how you will HACK PUBG by bypassing the emulator detection…!!

Happy hacking…!!!

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Do not in any way misuse this hack. Hackingworld in not responsible for your actions and we do not support you. You have been warned…!! read more


  1. Why the hell would you encourage cheating? Already encountered 2 emulator players on mobile servers, plus this is not a bit ethical to be allowed on a game which needs less of Emulator players who cannot buy the actual game.


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