Well first, there are Contacts added to your phone, and then there are unknown numbers you have no idea to whom they belong. On a daily basis, you are most likely to get a call from an unknown number. It could be those Bank employees asking for your feedback, Marketing personnel, your Carrier employee calling you for offers, or even your college time crush😉, who knows? So, many of you would want to check the number, From where it is? To whom it belongs? Et cetera.That’s why you need a mobile number lookup website to know the caller of an unknown number. So, here we are with 5 mobile number lookup websites

1. Truecaller

Many of you might have heard about Treucaller, some of you may even use it. Truecaller is indeed a popular mobile number lookup website. This Swedish company has 250+ Million users worldwide. Enter country code and mobile number on the website and signup using Facebook or Google and that’s it, you get to know to whom the unknown number belongs. Truecaller has an Android app as well which instantly recognizes unknown numbers upon receiving the call.

2. Whitepages

If you happen to be a US-based resident or want to search a US number, then Whitepages is for you. Over 35 Million people use Whitepages. You can enter phone number, name of the person or even a business name. You get owners name, age, address, their criminal records. For additional data, you need a Premium account but basic details are availed to us by Free account.

3. Zlookup

Simple, easy and free. That’s what comes into mind when you visit Zlookup website. You are greeted by a simple interface which accepts phone number with country code. It is just like Truecaller in terms of simplicity.

4. AnyWho

Owned by AT&T, AnyWho is a phone lookup, people search, yellow pages website. Upon entering the number, you get the name and mailing address of the owner of respective number. The data is provided to them by a third-party agency. Its easy to operate, simple, clutter less.

5. SpyDialer

SpyDialer is a simple, mobile number lookup website. Enter the number, and you get the details. You can enter E-mail as well. But the catch here is that SpyDialer works for only US-based numbers.

Bonus Website- RevealName

RevealName is another simple and easily operable mobile number lookup website. One thing you will notice that the design of the website is very similar to Zlookup. You wouldn’t be wrong if you call it Zlookup’s brother as the features provided by RevealName are also like Zlookup.

That’s it, folks! Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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