Imagine if you could win Every match in PuBG or at least land in Top 5 ranking Every time you play resulting in high tier than all of your friends.

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Welcome fellow gamers: the fact that you’re reading this means that you want to improve your game and win every match possible and dominate every other player in the game. Well congratulations, you can make that happen. How you ask. Well by following the simple but extremely effective strategies to win chicken dinner every time. Note to the reader this is a stealth-based approach and as you know PUBG is a survival game killing is important, but not necessary at times it’s better to hide than to fight in order to win. Be smart and efficiently knock out the competition Stealth tips to win the chicken dinner in PuBG:

Tip 1: Dropping from the plane

Image result for pubg mobile plane dropping

While dropping from the plane do not choose a crowded spot, you will likely be killed by someone you haven’t spotted or by someone who takes advantage of you being damaged by other players. Either way a bad choice to land in a crowded spot. Named places on the map are always crowded if they are close to the line of flight. While dropping, use the dab method for dropping fast and the bottom up method to go the farthest. With the dab method, you can travel 1000m and bottom-up method 1500m.

Tip 2: Gathering the right equipment

Image result for pubg mobile loot houses

Even considerably normal small houses host a variety of loot which you can take full advantage of don’t leave them out yet. Most of them will have an ak47, m416 or a machine gun. Also, drop and pick up guns to gain the extra 30 ammo from the same category of guns. Think little trick can save you the trouble of finding ammo often already looted houses have this ammo. Always pick the first gun you get. You can change it later easily but its always better to have a gun in hand. After getting the guns, move on to the armor and equipment. Certain attachments are rare so always collect them when you find them. For e.g. Extended quickdraw mag for snipers, rifles, and submachine guns. Suppressors for all guns. Thumb grip for certain rifles and cheek pad for snipers.

Tip 3:  Stealth and Camouflage


Squad pubg

Wear clothes that help you camouflage in the environment. Try to get those specific combinations such as brown shirts and pants for hiding in the dry grass. Makes you impossible to see if crouched or prone. There are many hidden locations which can be used to hide. As long as you don`t move your very difficult to spot. With a little bit of practice, you can master stealth like a pro. Use green clothes in Erangel and white or brown in Miramar, white in vikendi and so on.

Tip 4: Play-zone Management

Never take a vehicle unless you want to run to the play-zone fast. Taking a vehicle makes you a very easy target. In the beginning, you might get lucky and get plenty of kills with vehicles, but in the end when you’re left with less than 20 players. They will kill you with ease, especially with grenades and powerful guns. Vehicles make way too much noise so you’re easily detected and shown on a map. Also, with higher tiers such as diamond and heroes, it’s impossible to move in a vehicle with a small play zone. All pro players will knock you out in an instant. Try to stick to the edges as much as possible. Slow and steady movement while taking cover makes it difficult for anyone to knock you out. Move based on the distance between you and the play-zone move at least 30 seconds before the play-zone starts it’s a bit difficult but will help you get in the perfect position to attack.

Tip 5: Attacking and defending in houses

Image result for pubg house defend

Always close the door. Makes sense, right you want your enemy to think that the house is not looted. Also, it gives you a couple extra seconds when you’re hiding. Making it easy for you to kill the enemy. And know that the enemy is here the moment he opens the door. If you are outside the house and the enemy is inside. Use plenty of tactical equipment while entering the house. Using grenades can help you kill them easily without getting in the line of wire. More on that below.


Tip 6: Using grenades

Image result for pubg grenades

Many pubg players do not know how to use grenades especially smoke and flash. Go to the training section and try it as much as you can. Using a flash or a smoke can give you tactical advantages when moving into houses and locations you know an enemy might be located at. Learn to use grenades efficiently. Learn to bounce off grenades so that they always fall properly inside the house.

Tip 7: Camping

Image result for pubg camping

Always hide and attack never give your position. Away. You can hide in numerous places such as houses, tall buildings, grass, bushes, under bridges, etc. You can also use these locations to heal and restock yourself as needed. Take cover and use peek and fire options. Get the silencer and scope preferably 4x and 8x which can help you scout and kill with ease. Camping and taking kills without getting spotted gives you plenty of points and medals early on. Also, remember pubg is a survival game so play accordingly. Make sure your first 3 bullets kill the target. The map shows where the bullet came from after the first shot, but it’s very hard to locate someone with one flash especially with a silencer so a total of 3 shots then he will figure where you’re shooting from.

Tip 8:  Guns Guns Guns and attachments…!!!

Image result for pubg all guns list

Carry an assault rifle (AR) or a machine gun (mg) in the first slot and a sniper in the other making you able to take on any type of target. The gun you will choose will completely depend on which guns you have mastered. Go to the training area and try out each gun. AKM has the highest damage but a very high recoil same with GROZA.  AUG and M416 are more stable but have slightly less damage. Combine and experiment with different combos to suit your needs. Best combo happens with suppressors and compensators, Also Thumb grip is the best and most stable always use thumb grip.

My combinations:







Tip 9:  Amazing Locations to camp:

Bridges: You can hide on top and bottom of bridges. It’s a little tricky to get there but once you do hide there your very difficult to spot and for you, they are easy targets.

Radio towers: Some have stairs and can be easily climbed so are easy for you to reach. Some, however, are a little tricky to reach but once you do reach there it’s impossible for anyone to locate you since no one knows that those can be climbed. See the images below.

Rooftops: Certain houses can be used to climb to the roof. By opening the door and using it as a jumping pad you can easily reach the rooftops. A great location to hide in.

Some Extra Tricky Locations: Some locations are so unique that they do not fit a category but can be used for ambush. But I have Included images to show you those locations. And will soon add a video for the same.

Tip 10: How to avoid getting hit by sniper fire

The moment your hit with a bullet, do not get down many people do this but it’s a very costly mistake as sniper always use the higher ground to attack you sleeping makes it easier for them to shoot. The correct way is to run zig-zag and find cover from the line of fire and then use flash or smoke to flank the enemy or exit the location. Use Destroyed vehicles as cover. They are unmovable and unbreakable. And use teamwork in squads. I cannot stress the importance of teamwork. Move in a squad and use military formations while moving.

So these were top 10 Tips for PuBG. So do let us know how it worked for you. If you know any different strategy, do share and we will love to include it in our article.

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