Paid PC Games for Free huh? Sounds fishy and possibly a scam but I assure you it isn’t. I know there are lots of Posts claims to give Paid PC games for free but doesn’t. That’s why I have made a list of TOP 10 Websites where you can get the paid PC games for free. Bare with me and you’ll find this article helpful. So let’s get on the list.

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1) Origin on the House-

Origin is a digital gaming platform developed by Electronic Arts that allows the user to purchase games for PC and mobile platforms. The main reason I include this on the list is that every now and then Origin gives a premium game for free of cost on the website which you can download. Games such as Anthem, Assassins Creed Origins, Mass Effect etc. So keep checking it often to download paid PC Games for free.

2) IGN Beta Giveaway


IGN Beta Giveaway hosts Paid games and lets you download the paid PC games for free. If you become the Prime member then the benefits are even more. It provides the steam keys directly for many Premium Games like the image below.

3) Reddit’s Free Games subreddit-


While Reddit has several subreddits to every topic and domain, there are few dedicated to free game giveaways, r/free games is the most useful for us. Users submit links to full games and giveaways on this subreddit. So, bookmark this page for getting your hands on some free games and you might just get lucky for some great games.

4) Steamgifts-


Steamgifts has one of biggest communities of gamers who sponsor the giveaways, and lots of competitions where you can win the games. You just have to provide your steam id so people could find you in case you won anything. It also makes it impossible for people to try to win games that they have already redeemed on Steam. Hence, the user base is protected, and it’s harder for scammers to use the site.

5) Steam Companion-

Steam Companion

This idea of this website is similar to that of the Steamgifts and working is, in the same way, to help you download paid PC games for free. It allows people to host Steam giveaways and the possibility to play and win Steam games. You will need to link your steam account to SteamCompanion. They have a Steam calculator that shows you total worth of your Steam games and time spent on them. There are also some great features which will surely help you out.

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6) Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a British based Video game retailer. It has more than 6600 games and more than 660 publishers. They sell games in over 195 countries. They also host great offers (mostly free in holiday sale) for premium games. Keeping the tab on this site can be greatly beneficial because they host sales and giveaways very often.

7) GOG-


GOG is a digital distribution platform service for video games and films. It is operated by GOG Limited and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Project and they support many platforms like PC, XBOX, iOS etc. On 26 March 2009, signed a deal with Ubisoft which allows them to publish games from Ubisoft’s back catalog. They give away at least two or three premium games per year and the give away last for around 48 hours.

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8) Humble Bundle-

Humble Bundle

It has a great collection of games, and a portion of the price goes towards charity while the rest is split between the game developers. They organize Steam key giveaway and also has a subreddit for requests and giveaways to help you get premium games for free and legally.


DLH.Net has been around for more than 20 years now. Under the motto “By gamers, for gamers,” a large community has developed. DLH.Net got its name from “Dirty Little Helper” because it used to post game cheats and tricks. They give away free steam game keys from time to time and also provide free Steam keys for new users who sign up on their website. So, don’t forget to check out this community to get paid PC games for free and legally.

10) Steam-


Steam communities have several groups that give away paid PC games free of cost. Free Games GiveAways has more than 13000 users and give away legal games, Steam game keys, Steam gifts, Steam in-game items or Steam game cards for free. Game Giveaway Group is one of the biggest active community who has given away more than 100,000 games.


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