Top 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read More Than Once


If you always wanted to be an entrepreneur you`ve come to the right place. Read from the most successful entrepreneurs and their solutions to be on the top… Enjoy the read

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1) Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is the book written by Sharon Lechter and Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki in 1997. The book tells us about the importance of financial independence, building wealth through investments and starting and owning businesses. The book Rich Dad Poor Dad is set of short stories are based on real-life incidents of Robert Kiyosaki.

Awesome Fact: Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold over 32 million copies in over 51 different languages in more than 109 different countries. The book was also on #1 Newyork Times bestseller for 6 years.

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2) The Millionaire fast lane

The Millionaire Fastlane is the book written by MJ DeMarco which is one the few books telling us exactly what it takes to be a millionaire, build a multi-millionaire company and be wealthy. The Book helps the upcoming Entrepreneurs to re-think on how to invest money, time and energy and get most of it.

MJ clearly explains the traditional way of becoming a millionaire and how that is the slow process giving us the alternate path to be a millionaire in the fastest way hence the name THE MILLIONAIRE FASTLANE.

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3) Unscripted

Image result for unscriptedUnscripted is another Book from MJ DeMarco in which he broadens and deepens the ideas of the Book The Millionaire Fastlane. The topics in the book revolve around mental traps, consumerism, stereotypes, wasting time, the wrong perspective toward money and achieving true happiness.

The book Unscripted can be divided into two basic parts – 1) The scenarios most people follow and what makes them weak and captive to their own conditions and 2) The descriptions of problem-solving/business philosophy, different types of business organizations and some of his personal experience.

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4) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Image result for 7 habits of highly effective peopleThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was written by Stephen R Covey and published in 1989. In this book, Stephen presents a way to be effective for achieving goals by aligning to “True North” principles based on the CHaracter Ethic that he presents as Universal and Timeless.

Awesome Fact: The book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide since its publication. The Audiobook of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People became the first non-fiction book to have sales of more than 1 million copies.

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5) The Way of Superior Man

Image result for the way of superior manThe Way of Superior Man was published in 1997 by David Deida. In The Way of Superior Man, Deida covers all the parts of a man’s life from career and lifestyle to love and intimacy- to offer a guidebook for living the masculine life of authenticity, integrity, and freedom.

This book is a guide for the newly evolving man who is masculine, purposeful, confident, direct, living the life as a wish come true.


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6) Mastery

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Mastery is the book of an author Robert Greene published in 2012. The book revolves around the life of great historic people like Charles Darwin, Mozart, and Henry Ford and contemporary leaders such as Paul Graham and Freddie Roach. The Mastery Book guides people on how to become a great leader in any field by examining the lives and pathways of Historical people to success. This book wants to teach you to overcome the greatest fear and obstacle and make it a milestone in your life.


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7) The 4-Hour Workweek

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The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, live anywhere and Join the new Rich is written by Timothy Ferriss as a self-help book.

This book makes you forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan–there is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times.

Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, or earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, The 4-Hour Workweek i48 s the blueprint.

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8) The 48 Laws of Power

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The 48 Laws of Power is written by author Robert Greene and published in 1998. The laws of power are drawn from 3000 years of history of power, helping readers to achieve knowledge about power like the past leaders and dictators. The laws are illustrated through the tactics, triumphs, and failures of great figures from the past who have wielded – or been victimized by – power.



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9) How to Win Friends and Influence People

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How to Win Friends and Influence People is a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie and published in 1935. This book guides to change the vibes of a person in this world. It means if you change the vibes you emit in this world then the outcome or things you attract can be changed. This is one best influential business and communication guide. This book will definitely help you overcome your mental hell and provide you with ambition and goal to live.


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10) Think and Grow Rich

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Think and grow is personal development and self-improvement book written by Napolean Hill in 1937. The author insists that this book will help any person to succeed in any line of work, to be and to do anything they imagine. Napolean Hill gives 13 simple principles and how to apply them in real life and get more from it.



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So, guys, these were some great books for entrepreneurs and if you want to buy any of these books, here is the link for direct purchase. The Hardcopy of some books might be expensive so I recommend you to buy the Kindle version of books which are comparatively less expensive and some of them are completely free of cost.


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