Are you a novice in hacking? If not then you would know that many of the hacking executions need a phone number or a fake phone number. You cannot use your own phone number even if your intentions are not hostile. So what is the solution to this problem?

Don’t worry my friend, we have got your back. Today we have made a list of websites and applications which will provide you a fake phone number that you can use for hacking and other purposes and that too for free of cost. So without any due, let’s get on the list.

1) Textnow-


Textnow is free texting and calling application which uses a combination of Wi-Fi and cellular for the purpose. You can have unlimited calling and texting using this application in USA & Canada free of cost. The free version is available in the Google Play store which totally relies on Wi-Fi whereas the Paid version which works with a combo of Wi-Fi & Cellular has the lowest price of $9.99 per month. If you are in USA or Canada then this will very helpful in saving a few bucks.

2) Textmeup-

Textmeup is a similar application to the previous one but with more facilities like no constraints on the geographical areas. Simply to put, you can call or text anyone in this world using this application. You can create one account and multiple fake phone number according to your purposes. The most important and beneficial part of this app is that the multiple phone numbers are always on your single account so you can use a different device for the application. You don’t have to carry the mobile phone all the time, you can take your tablet for a change and you won’t feel a difference.


3) Wabi-

Wabi is the focused website which provides you compatible fake phone numbers for Whatsapp business accounts. They are intense in the field of live chats and business accounts. The WhatsApp is their primary application requirement as according to the survey, 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp in around 109 countries. Wabi provides virtual phone numbers working in 60+ countries which cost around $4 per month and “Click to chat button” for free of cost. The “Click to chat button” will get you WhatsApp on the desktop and nothing far different than the paid version.


4) Virtualsim-

Virtualsim provides the virtual/fake phone numbers from 38 countries and that too for lower prices like almost the local price for international phone calls. It supports the iOS and Android platforms. If your friends and family use the Virtualsim then you can have free phone calls, free messages, credit transfer, photo/video/location sharing too. You can also set the “Show caller ID” for your number.


5) 2ndline-

2ndline is the Android application which provides you the fake phone numbers only for the USA/Canada and your device (smartphone, tablet etc) will work as a full-fledged business phone system. You can call or message either with the connection of Wi-Fi or the cellular network you already have. It has many features like free voice calls, free messaging, voicemail transcription, call forwarding, emojis, stickers, customizable ringtones etc.


6) Nextplus-

Nextplus is an Android application used for free calling and messaging available on the Google play store. Its features are a free fake phone number, free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to any phone number, send and receive unlimited free text messages with anyone, no contracts, no commitments, no phone purchase, and no hidden fees, compatible with all of your Android devices (phones and tablets), no cellular service required, Fun and social features and many more.


7) Telos-

Telos is similar to other applications but with limited country phone numbers but they make it up for that in the facilities they provide. The features are walkie-talkie, live video, international SMS, mobile fax, conference call, fake phone numbers, call recorder, free calling, free texting, and international calls. Telos provides credits for calling and that acts a totally new currency like it costs 0.9c/min (c – telos credits) in the USA, 1.85c/min in India and so on.


8) Textplus-

Textplus is very similar to Telos but the services are provided in the USA and Canada only. It works best in the 3G/4G network so that is strongly recommended. They do have some well-paid plans which worths every penny you spend on it.


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