Phones play a great role in our life nowadays. The Phone we want is with high RAM, high Storage capacity and what not. The Nightmare for all people (especially young chaps) is SLOWER PHONE..!!!!

There is nothing more irritating than a slow, lagging phone which kinda feels like an ancient device. I had the same problem a while ago (even having specs like 32 GB internal and 4 GB RAM and still slower phone) and the below tips and tricks did help a lot.


1) Uninstall unnecessary apps

We install lotta apps probably for some temporary period and eventually forget about those. So basically uninstalling them could give you lots of free space. So go ahead and take the trash out (sounds like someone:->)

2) Free up internal storage

When you implement TIP 1, all the data regarding the uninstalled app is deleted for sure but that’s not the only things that take up internal space. Example, when you download anything (might be an attachment from mail or anything like that) it takes up space in internal memory so check your “Download Data” for unusable stuff. For images or videos, you can always use Google Drive space for storage and keep your memory free.

3) Disable live Wallpapers & Animations

Turn off your live wallpapers and disable animations (or lower them) from developers settings. Developers setting is hidden by default so you gotta go to Setting > About Phone and click (probably 8 to 9 times) on Build Number. Then the developer options will appear at bottom of the settings. Find Window animation scale Animation duration scale Transition animation scale, the default value would be 1.0x so you have to change it to 0.5x or animation off option. You will find its effectiveness immediately.

4) System updates

Update your phone and apps to the latest versions. These updates have newer optimizations and security fixes which can greatly improve the speed and performance of your phone.

5) Use lite versions of apps

Switch to lite apps such as FB lite, Skype lite etc. They consume fewer resources and offer almost the same functionalities. You might feel different at first but they all are the same in all functionalities.

Lite Applications

6) Recognize Bloatware and take’em out

Most companies add a lot of bloatware when shipping the phone to the users. This bloatware consumes space and runs in the background consuming more and more resources. Disable the apps you cannot uninstall. Clear and disable background apps

7) Turn off auto sync

Turn off the auto sync feature. It Drains battery and is hardly used. Note with this disabled you will save a lot of resources and battery, but you might have to manually sync emails. I don’t usually recommend this because manually syncing could be a pain in the arse if you forgot and lost the data, that case you will not have any backup.

8) Use Cleaning apps

Use apps such as files go to clean your phone. Clean master is also good but consumes a lot of ram by itself so it’s better to use it once and then uninstall it.

Clean Master

9) Turn off services

Turn off unwanted services such as Bluetooth, ambient display, location services, printing services, and auto-rotate, vibration, and unnecessary sounds. This does run in the background and affects enough.

Reboot to recovery and wipe dalvik and cache. Generally, the volume down and power key while booting will take you to recovery. Hold for 5 secs. Search the specific key combination for your device. Use youtube and stuff for this kinda operations because one mistake and phone is in the service center.

These are a few tips that could help you out as it did to me.

Note: If all else fails, perform a Factory reset and then perform the above steps again. Note backup all your data since factory reset will erase all your data from the phone.


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