If you have a great idea for a website then you have a real big shot at earning money. Yes, websites are a great way for monetization but here is the thing, you need to have cash. You need money for getting a domain name, hosting your website and whatnot but what if I tell you it’s not mandatory. Now before you burst out of laughter, I assure you that it’s possible and how it’s possible? Leave it to me. I am going to provide you with 10 best websites which you can use for hosting your website or hacking pages. That too free of cost.

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1) Infinity Free

When there are lots of websites out there for free hosting, Infinity Free definitely makes a good impression on anyone by their sophisticated website and strong points at their hands. When we checked their website for load test time, it got C grade which is not bad for free hosting. Other than that they are pretty strong. I recommend this site for free hosting of the website.

Bandwidth: Unlimited | Disk Space: Unlimited | Ads: No | Panel: NA | MySQL Databases: 400 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 3 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: No
Average server speeds

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2) Freehostia

Freehostia has a load-balanced cluster platform which is much faster with respect to one server platform. The web hosting plans are optimized to work with PHP web applications like Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop and many more. Other than an average website loading time we did not find any cross holds for freehostia.

freehostia free hosting

Bandwidth: 6GB | Disk Space: 250MB | Ads: No | Panel: Elefante | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 3 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: No
Good server speeds
Excellent support
An interface can be a bit clumsy

3) 5GBFree

As the name gives it all, 5GBFree provides 5 GB of free hosting space to the users along with 20GB of monthly bandwidth. The page loading time is good enough but the main drawback of this is limited bandwidth of 20 GB per month which could act as a barrier in my frank opinion.


Bandwidth: 20 GB | Disk Space: 5 GB | Ads: No | Panel: WordPress | MySQL Databases: 3 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: No | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: No
Good server speeds
Fair support

4) FreeHosting

Of the free hosting providers covered in this article, FreeHosting is the biggest and baddest in terms of bandwidth since it’s unlimited. All you have to do follow their fair use policy. They will host with your own domain name and if you don’t have one, you can get one free subdomain such as freesubdomain.freehosting.com.

Bandwidth: Unmetered | Disk Space: 10GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes
Unmetered bandwidth
10GB disk space

5) ByetHost

ByetHost is a part of Byet internet, a US-based hosting service provider, domain name services. They host more than a million websites and they claim that they are most powerful solely dedicated free hosting in the world.

Bandwidth: 50GB | Disk Space: 1GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 5 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 5 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes
Good support
Easy to use
limited server space

6) AwardSpace

The free hosting for websites provided by AwardSpace is noteworthy when it comes to the speed of the websites and customer support. They do lack in disk space provided and bandwidth on the free hosting for websites plans. They have supported for many add-ons and yet not providing essential things is kind of irritating. Their servers are located in Kiel and Germany rather than the US which supports more than a million websites with ease and great speed.


Bandwidth: 5GB | Disk Space: 1GB | Ads: No | Panel: Proprietary | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: Yes | FTP: Yes:
Easy to use
Decent support
Limited server space

7) FreeHostingEU

FreeHostingEU is a joint project set up and run by FreeDomain.co.nr and AttractSoft GmbH. Oh Yes, you guessed it right, mostly germans are at the forefront of free web hosting in Europe. Three hosting tariffs are offered – two paid and one free. The free package provides 200MB of space, 4GB of bandwidth per month and one associated email account. Five free domains at .eu5.net are also included but they are likely to be of little use for most UK businesses. Also, you get three free web site builders.

Bandwidth: 4GB | Disk Space: 200MB | Ads: No | Panel: Proprietary | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: Yes | FTP: Yes
30MB database storage
Choice of domain names
Low disk space

8) U Host Full

U Host Full is the site you can turn to for businesses and that could get set up in five or even less than minutes. It provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space which took us by surprise and so far we got no serious catch in this one.

U Host Full web hosting

Bandwidth: Unlimited | Disk Space: Unlimited | Ads: No | Panel: Proprietary | MySQL Databases: 2 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 2 | Domain hosting: Yes | FTP: Yes
Easy to use
Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
Dated interface

9) Free Web Hosting no ads

All the other web, free web hosting no ads offers good deals but this one here has one major thing and that is no ads. It generates its revenues from different sources. It does send you one promotional email every 6 months regarding its products and other deals and that too you can unsubscribe. So not a bad thing that is.

Bandwidth: 5GB | Disk Space: 1GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 3 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 3 | Domain hosting: Yes | FTP: Yes
Good PHP hosting with three available versions
3 email accounts
Promotional email messages

10) Free Virtual Servers

Free Virtual Servers can also be a good option for free hosting for website considering all the features and things it provides. The main drawback of this site the bandwidth and disk space. It just 200 MB and 100 MB respectively which is very low that’s why its the last in the list of 10 recommended.

Bandwidth: 200MB | Disk Space: 100MB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: Yes | FTP: Yes
Free website builder
Choice of 3 free webmail platforms 
Low on bandwidth

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