Do you ever wonder that the game you have been playing or want to play has cheat codes, mods or even hacks? These hacks and mods can literally change the course of the game and take the fun in the game at a new level. Basically, the mods and hacks are not the best way to complete a difficult game although it can be possible, but it will enhance the gaming experience with whole new features you got.

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Let me give you an example, In Middle-Earth Shadow of War, there are tons of Orc warriors that you can recruit but with the cheat codes or game hacks you can make take them to legendary tier. All this set up will finally be used in the Fort seizure or Attacks on the other forts. This was just for one game, but I bet you have tons of other games as well waiting to take them at a whole new level with the game hacks and game mods.

So today I will be sharing you 10 Best websites from where you can get the hacks, mods, cheat codes or even games for download. These websites serve all the platforms like PC, Console and, mobile too. So whatever platform you use for gaming, these websites will help you.

1) MegaGames-

MegaGames is the large resource of gaming covering almost every platform like PC, XBOX, PS, Wii U, Mobile games, and even emulators. They provide services like News, Trainers, Fixes, Cheats, Mods, Videos, Editorials, Freeware, Rigs and Emulators. You can also download games from their official website but those are limited to few numbers. The hacks and mods are vast in number hence very informative and useful.


2) GamePressure

GamePressure is one of the best websites out there providing very in-depth and informative gameplays of almost every games, Beta tests and so on. This website provides support for platforms like PC, PS4, PS3, XONE, X360, Switch, iOS and more. The game genre Action, RPG, MMO, Strategy, Adventure, Sports, Fighting, Arcade, Racing, Simulation, and more. This website does have a good collection of games and their gameplay with mods and game hacks.


3) CheatbookDB

CheatBook is a source or the coolest collection of cheats, video game cheat codes, game hints, game hacks, walkthroughs, FAQs, game trainer, game guide, secrets and, whatnot. It is basically the cheat code database of all your favorite games.


4) CheatHappens

Cheathappens is a website for gamers or more accurately noobs with a vast collection of game trainers, cheats, game wallpapers, walkthroughs, reviews and much more. It has a good variety of games with many genres and their trainers. They specialize in PC game trainers and expect no less from them.


5) WeMod

WeMod can be considered as one of the best application for modding hundreds of PC games with low crashing rate and high public review for good content and games. They also have PC game trainers, mods and all other stuff in one place. The WeMod has more than 3 million users thus giving some assurance of good content.


6) Gamecopyworld

Gamecopyworld is also similar to the previous websites but they do have good content on the patches and fixes of games than most of the websites. The patches are mostly made by fans and not the official ones but hey they are really good with concept and storylines. The fixes are something you always need and this website has taken up the charge to face that and help our fellow gamers.


7) The Tech game

The Tech Game is a vast community for PC games, XBOX, Playstation, Wii, forums, news, trailers, and cheats. Talking about some interesting numbers, they have 2+ million members, 6+ million topics, 30+ million posts, and the big numbers go on. They have a vast collection of game saves, single player mods, mapper and map editors, game trainers, game mods, game tools, game mod menus, game save editors and tools, and much more. They support platforms like PC gaming, Nintendo, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Windows Software, Retro downloads etc.

8) Gtrainers

Gtrainers is one of the best websites out there providing informative gameplays of almost every games, Beta tests and so on. This website provides support for platforms like PC, PS4, PS3, XONE, X360, Switch, iOS and more. It has genres like Action, Adventure, Arcade, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Racing, Shooting, Fantasy, MMO, Sport, Survival, Economics etc.


9) MrAntifun

MrAntifun is also a game cheat and hacks website but they specialize in the trainers. They have a really good collection of PC game trainers and the list is updated very often which keep them in the long run.

Mr Antifun

Bonus Website- UnknownCheats – A website and forum for the latest hacks active since last 15 years you will find some extraordinary hacks from here. Way too good for players wanting to cheat. Happy hacking…!!!

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