GB Instagram is one of the modified android application of the official instagram which allows you to add mods to Instagram android application. There are many features of GB Instagram as hiding that you saw the stories, allows users to download images, videos, and stories directly, translate comments to your desired language and so on. So let’s jump on the steps to use GB Instagram-

1) Download the application-
This application is not available on Google Play Store hence click here to download.

2) Install the application-

Install and login into your account just like logging In into normal Instagram application.


Now I will show you how to use some of its amazing features that you would definitely love it.

1) Download Images, Videos, and stories directly-

GBInsta Options

Firstly Click on the burger button on the right top of the image or video. Then click on GB Options, and the download option will appear in the list. Click download and voila, that image or video will be saved in your gallery.

2) Hide that you view the stories-

Firstly go to your profile, then click on settings. Go to Privacy and click the option saying “Hide View Stories”. Then your work is done.

GBinsta- Hide Insta

3) Share Images and Videos links directly-

Firstly Click on the burger button on the right top of the image or video. Then click on GB Options and the “Share Image/ Video URL” and “Copy Image/ Video URL” will appear. Use any of that, both will result in the same.

4) The Updates-

This application surprisingly has very speedy updates, as soon as the official app get some update, the GB Instagram also gets the update in a day or two.

Final Words- This application is useful in many ways and especially if you want to download images and videos from friends.

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