Yes, you read the title correct. We have a method to hack any Android phone remotely by using Remote Administration Tool called as Spynote. Its server is written in Java and client controller is written in “Visual Basic .NET”. As a tool designed for remotely controlling and monitoring the victim’s device, it comes with more options and better stability in-comparison with others.

The in-build tools in Spynote are as follows-

  • Record calls
  • Listen to Microphone live
  • Installed Applications
  • Device Information
  • Address Book
  • WiFi List
  • Read SMS messages
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Remote Commands
  • File Manager
  • Camera
  • Fun-Panel
  • Listen to phone surroundings
  • Clipboard
  • Send SMS
  • Remote Keyboard
  • Browser
  • Process Manager
  • Download Manager
  • Control notifications
  • Background screen
  • Call Recording
  • Accounts
  • Services
  • and more…

So now we have seen the overview of Spynote, let’s use it.

Requirements to Get Started:

  1. Java Installed PC
  2. Spynote (Remote Administration Tool), a link-
  3. Dynamic IP ( host)
  4. DUC ( client)
  5. Victim

The main process will be of 15 steps and also pictures of the same-

1) Download and Install the Java in your PC from the official website or just click here.

Java Website

2) Download and extract Spynote.


3) For the further process, we need dynamic IP so go to and sign up. After signing up, click on Add Host and enter any name for the host. Click on save host.


4) Download DUC from the official website or just click here. Install the DUC and sign in to your account. Once you do the ip address will automatically be updated in the DNS.

5) Now we need the gateway IP to port forward from our router settings. So type “ipconfig” in command prompt and you will get the gateway IP.

6) Now open any browser you have and paste the gateway IP there. It will prompt the login page. Enter the username and password of your router (by default both is admin).

7) Now navigate to the port forwarding option. Click on Add port and put value 1337 and save it. Add port 2222 again and save it. You can put any port number you wish.

8) Now open the spynote.exe and it will ask you for port number to listen. Enter 2222 as a port number. Then we get into the Spynote GUI.

9) Now click on the build client option and you will get a GUI as shown in step 10. Fill in all the details.

10) After you hit the build button, you just need to change the hostname that you created on in the dynamic DNS IP. After adding all the required details such as client name, app name, service and version name. Click on the build button.

Spynote Note Victim Info

Note: After you click build it will ask you to locate an apk… Not for merging but to use as a base. You can use spynote/patch/ patch release.apk or patch release stamina.apk

11) Now it will create APK Server in the output folder.

Spynote Hack App

12) Now make the victim to install the APK in their device.

13) You have successfully hacked into the victim’s phone as soon as they install and open it.

14) Right click on the user appeared in Spynote will give you the list of actions that can be performed.

Spynote Services Options

15) Now all you have to do is sit back and exploit.

Here are the pictures of the actual hack and what it can do-


Spynote Accounts

Disclaimer- This hacking tutorial is only for Educational Purposes and not for personal gain. We are not responsible for any illegal activities you perform.

Happy Hacking..

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