11 ways to Hack Facebook Account in less than 5 minutes


There are tons of people out there searching for methods to hack facebook accounts. When searched online, they fell for the scams and end up getting hacked themselves. Do not trust any website claiming to hack facebook we have tried all of them and guess what they are scams asking you to pay for money….!!!.  So today we decided how to really hack facebook without any paid software and just by using a few simple tricks and a little bit of information of the person who’s the facebook account you are going to hack and some creative social engineering. So let’s get started…!!!


1) Guess Password-

Today we have all tons of accounts like Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram etc and it becomes difficult to remember the passwords of all accounts so people usually put 2-3 passwords everywhere. So the trial and error method gets simple. Try to get those passwords and use them. Guessing the password is a total game of luck but you can improve your chances by using things they like. Over 50% people either use their name or there mobile number as their passwords. Some even use their girlfriends names as password. Most common combinations for passwords are as follows:

  • [name]007
  • [name]123
  • [name]123$$ or 123##
  • [mobile number]$$$
  • old mobile numbers or current mobile number
  • Crush name
  • girlfriends name etc

You can read more about on our article how to guess passwords?

2) Try older password-

People are too lazy to think when it comes to making password. No one likes to remember the passwords. So they end up making one good password and reusing it on every account. So basically over 90% people have been using the same password over and over again. Just think about places where you have used the same password. Maybe netflix,amazon,facebook,instagram or any other site.

Chances are very high to get the right password if you know any of their previous passwords. At most their will be a slight alteration to the password. Many people change their facebook password a lot. But they never change their gmail password. GUESS WHAT…!! YOU CAN HACK ANY ACCOUNT IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR GMAIL…!!

So be creative I’m sure you will be able to find a way to get some passwords from them. I`ll also be writing a article on Guessing passwords and social engineering. Do read that as well.

3) Phishing

Phishing is a method by which you can acquire the username, password, credit card by disguising as a trustworthy website or a application. Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication. You can get many phishing websites on the web and that does work brilliantly and al you have to do is create an account on the website and send the link to the person using WhatsApp or Facebook or even Email works. They have to log in their account and voila, you get their credentials.

So  put simply you can create a fake Facebook page and trick the other person to enter their credentials into the fake page you have created. This requires a little bit of social engineering and trickery which i`m sure my fellow hackers can manage.

http unsecure

Currently I know of three phishing websites which can help you get the job done:

Note: Do not use your real email or passwords on this websites. You have been warned. Read our article on fake mail for more info…!!


4) Remember me

This might be the safest and quickest method to get the username and password of a person by letting them log into their account on your device. Just make the remember me option enable so even after closing the window/app, the credentials will remain in the saved memory. This method may not be able to give you the password but surely the username and the access to their facebook until they notice. So use the access for passive monitoring so as to be discreet as long as possible. Also If you are on a desktop system then you can easily see the password of the person. This requires a easy trick to unscramble the password.


  1. Open facebook login page and see the saved credentials
  2. Press F12 or Use inspect element to open the inspect element panel.
  3. Select the password field. You will see a option called password type= password. Change it to password type=text.
  4. The hidden password is now visible and you can easily see the victims password.

5) Spy Apps

This is the best method for accessing the person’s not only facebook credentials but lots of other things as well like contacts, call logs, camera and many more. If you get the person’s phone, you just have to install the spy app on their phone and you can monitor their every activity. This might sound very creepy but this is one of the best methods for getting credentials and taking over their phone.


Check out our article on the best spy apps:  Best Hacking/ Spying apps for Android and iOS

6) Keyloggers

Keylogging is the method which is used to monitor the keystrokes on the person’s device and getting the log file consisting of which keys were pressed. It can be tricky but surely it can give you everything the person will type and that does include the passwords and other credentials. This application you have to install in the person’s device and you can access it remotely from your device. A lot of the spy apps have keyloggers do feel free to check them out.

8) Forget Password

If you manage to get access to the person’s phone or other devices with email, you can surely try forget password option and get the reset password link or OTP on the person’s phone and reset the password. This will give you temporary access to the person’s account until they notice it. But can be helpful if you really want to access their account under any condition.

9) Google Smartlock

A new feature introduced by google as a method to save passwords on phone and laptops. What it basically does is it autosaves all the passwords used for apps and devices on android or on chrome. What you can do with this is you can make them sign in to their facebook account using your android device. Their credentials will be autosaved into your account the next time when you type their email address their password will be autofilled and you will have access to their account. Smart Indeed.

10) Bruteforce

Frankly speaking this is the most annoying and hardly useful strategy to hack a facebook account. It’s not really useful and will work only if you have more than 75% of the password already.Which is difficult but in order to cover every method I`m including this as well. I`ll be writing a article on brute forcing as well so stay tuned.

11) Cookie stealing

Cookie stealing or session hijacking is another method where you can access a victims facebook account without having access to the persons account.I`ll soon be writing a in-depth article on cookie stealing and its a slightly technical method. So it will take some technical knowledge.You can do this by using BURP suite which is a tool in Kali Linux.

Hope this article helps you fellow hackers learn how to hack facebook..!!

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Disclaimer – Hacking/ Spying is illegal. This article is only for educational purposes. We at the hacking world are not responsible for your actions or anything you do. You have been warned..!!!


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