How to Hack Facebook using Anamor [100% Effective]

Hack Facebook

Hey guys, today we have prepared a guide to hack facebook using phishing method. This method will guide you to hack facebook using Anomor. The Phishing method basically creates a very attractive banner/ advertisement which looks real and trustworthy. Whenever the victim clicks on the bait [banner/ ads], it will make the victim log into the account first to view the offer. The moment he/she log in the account, you will get the login credentials into your Anomor account. So I just explained to you how it works so let’s move to the actual implementation.


Step 1: Create an Anomor Account. Insert your username and password for the account. Do not use your real email id and password. Read our list of websites for fake mail….!!!

Anamor Hack Login

Step 2: There you will see many ad links, so select the one you like and open it. The new window will open. Send the link of that to your victim and tell them to log into the account.

Anamor Ads Anamor Ads Anamor Ads Anamor Ads

Step 3: As soon as he/she logs into the account, your Anomor account will show the victim’s username and password.

Anamor Hack

Step 4: There, you have successfully acquired the Facebook credentials of the victim. Enjoy.

Final Words- This method is for Educational purpose only. We do not encourage you to hack anyone. This article is strictly for educational purpose…!!!

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Happy Hacking..



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