Netflix is an American Entertainment Company which provides Movies, TV Shows on the subscription-based plans. Netflix has over 139 million paid subscriptions worldwide and few millions of free ones. Now given that number will show that Netflix has some amazing shows and movies and pretty neat and tight security too. So today we have made a list of top 5 methods which you can use to hack Netflix and enjoy the free subscriptions. All the methods are based on the hacks that we actually implemented and got the subscriptions without paying a single dime.

Note: These hacks are for educational purposes only. we are not responsible for any misconduct and crimes on your part. Read Disclaimer

Method 1: Use Google Play-

Netflix & Google Playstore

On the Signing up to Netflix, it takes your credit card information and provides you with a one-month free trial. So for signing up, use your credit card via google pay. This way it will store your Google pay account and not the credit card information. Since you can have multiple Gmail accounts that too for free, you can use the same credit card multiple times. This will help you get an unlimited free one-month subscription and enjoy as much as you want for as many times you want. Just keep creating fake gmail accounts with fake numbers and fake emails

Method 2: Stolen Netflix Accounts-

There are many hackers on the web who provides the Netflix credentials of random subscribers that too for free. Well, you do have to scour the internet for a while but you will get those links. This may not be as reliable method as before but sure is working.

Check here for such accounts

Method 3: Use Fake Credit Cards-

This is quite a common yet effective method. When registering, use the fake credit cards to get past the security and have a one-month free subscription. Now there are many websites which provide you the fake credit card information with all the information you will need so no issues there. The common websites for fake credit cards are Bestccgen, Ccardgenerator and so on.

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Method 4: Virtual Cards-

Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual cards are online cards that are not physically issued to the customers but the credit card service providers. These cards are issued to customers for online payment with help of their credit card. The few most trusted and working virtual card providers are mycard2go, American Express Go, State Bank Virtual Card and so on.

Method 5: Use Cookies-

CHome Extension- editthiscookie

This is far most the simplest method which requires no hacking, no virtual card or not even the real credit card. If you have a friend who has Netflix subscription, then you just have to copy his browser’s cookies and import them in your browser using any cookies importer extension like editthiscookie and reopen your browser. Also there is j2team cookies which seem to work better with .json format cookies.After that Netflix will start directly without even asking for credentials. Even if you don’t know anyone with Netflix Subscription, then use the web. There are tons of cookies on the web, you can use them. This way you can hack Netflix without literally hacking Netflix.

Method 6: Hacked Modded apks

This is one of the ways to get premium subsciption for free. The apps are constantly updated and there are many websites which share these apps. I personally don`t recommend installing apps from third parties. But that is one of the ways you can hack netflix.

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