Many of the people often wonder and maybe even try different methods to hack WhatsApp with the help of the Internet. There are tons of methods, websites, and even software/tools which claims to hack WhatsApp Account of anyone. They are either too outdated or just show some random methods which don’t work. So we have analyzed and picked out top 3 methods to hack WhatsApp that works even after security updates & upgraded versions. We will guide you on this hacking tutorial but this article is strictly for Educational Purposes, will not be responsible for your illegal actions. Now let’s get the methods-

1) Spyware Software-

Spyware software’s are the type of Android application (also available on PC) which you need to install in your victim’s device. As soon as the victim connects to the Internet, you will get access to it’s every credentials, personal information and all. The Spyware software has free versions as well as paid versions. These paid versions may have some or the other premium functionalities but the free versions will do you good for starters. The most common spyware applications are Keyboard logger,cookie hijacker etc. A free spy tool spynote is also reviewed by us. You can check it out here. The paid ones can be found on out review of top spyware apps for android and ios.

email- spyware

2) WhatsApp Web-

If you are not aware of this method then you surely are missing major hacking method. The WhatsApp Web assists you in using WhatsApp on your web browser by scanning a QR code by using a phone.

WhatsApp Web- Hack Web

This trick would work if your victim is someone close to you and wouldn’t mind telling you their phone’s password. Well, hacking WhatsApp of someone close to you would endanger the relationship you have with them. But still, if you want to do so them.

Open WhatsApp web > Get the Target phone and Open their WhatsApp > In the Options tap WhatsApp web > Scan the QR Code on your computer via their phone.

You have now got access to their WhatsApp on your computer.

3) Call Forwarding method-

If you do not wish to use your PC or you don’t have access of your victim’s WhatsApp to scan a QR code, use this method. For this method, you need to install WhatsApp on your phone or clear the data of the existing one. If both seems difficult, try Parallel Space android application which helps to maintain multiple accounts in a single device. While creating a WhatsApp account, the user is authenticated via SMS or a Call. Using call forwarding you can get access to the target phone by forwarding its calls to your phone. This is how you can do it.

Call Forwarding

  1. On the target phone dial *21*your number# which would forward phone calls to your number.
  2. Now open WhatsApp in your phone and enter the target mobile’s number.
  3. Authenticate using call instead of SMS.
  4. Your phone will get a call instead of target phone as you have forwarded all calls to your phone. Listen the OTP carefully and enter.
  5. After entering OTP you have successfully got access to the WhatsApp of targets phone.

So these were top 3 methods which are easy to implement and doesn’t get affected by any security update or even system update.

If you know any other methods, let us know by sharing it in the comment section.

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