Welcome PUBG lovers, Do you want to install PC PUBG LITE on your PC for absolutely free..??? Congratulations you have come to the right place. Let us show you how you can do that…!!!


Step 1: Pubg.lite.com

Go to their website  and apply for an id

PuBG lite ID Application

Step 2: Download Pubg lite client

Download the client app after applying and verifying your id.

Step 3: Time zone and region settings

Change your region to Thailand and change your PC time zone to BANGKOK 7:00+ UTC as shown:

PuBG Lite Change Date & Time

Step 4: Proxifier

Download and Install proxifier software. Once Installed add proxies from step 6. If you want keys for proxifier you can google them plenty available.


Step 5: Free Thailand proxies from free-proxy.cz

Visit this site free-proxy.cz and select any 3 proxies which are fast.

Thailand Proxies

Step 6: Setting up proxies

Add these proxies using proxifier as shown in the image below. Once added save and you should be able to see connections as follows by clicking the first button below marked with remarked. You don`t need to configure anything extra just click on the icon marked and add IP address of the proxy, port of proxy and protocol socks4 as a method and click “ok” to add the proxy.

First step:


Second step: Go to this website and select any three proxies and add them.


IP address

port: 4145

protocol socks4

Then click ok.

Third Step: Add more proxy

Step 7: Downloading and installing Pubg pc lite

Now that you have set up everything. Open the Pubg lite application. Sign in using your registered ID. Click on the download button and your game will start downloading once the game is downloaded…. Click play… and Viola you’re ready to play pubg pc lite… check images below

Congratulations guys that’s all that was needed. You can now play pc pubg lite for free as much as you want… Happy gaming…!! If you have any issues feel free to comment below..!!


  • Authentication error while starting the game SOLUTION: proxifier is not running or proxy is not running properly

  • connection closed SOLUTION: Proxy is not working change proxy (add new IP and port)

  • insufficient permissions SOLUTION: run proxifier as admin

  • Ping drop or disconnected in matches SOLUTION: Once the match is started you can exit proxifier which will help increase ping and make the direct connection without proxy but after the match is finished game might crash with an error…. So use as a last resort..!!

  • If you still are getting disconnected then switch to a free VPN having Thailand servers such as OpenVPN and choose servers from here


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