Everyone knows how a slow internet connection feels irritating and frustrating. If you have a slow internet connection then watching movies online can really turn OFF your mood in seconds by buffering and spoil the great atmosphere. Not Everyone can get the fiber connection for internet.


Before we begin make sure your system is faster as well

If you are on phone then ensure even your phone is fast and free of clutter.

If you face a similar problem and are thinking of upgrading your Internet plan or changing your router then Wait. We have put up some solutions so try them at least once and you might just end up saving your money.

In this guide on how to speed up your internet connection, we’ll give you 10 tips to increase your speeds. All of our Solutions are free of cost except for the last one. So let’s jump on to the solutions.

Solution 1: Update your browser and OS. Switch to Chrome or Firefox browser for faster speed and security. By updating to the latest versions of both your operating system and your browser so that you get maximum stability and performance

Solution 2: Disable background activities and background data, from windows. In the privacy settings of windows, you can disable background apps. From task manager disable start-up of apps.

Solution 3: Set the connection as metered. By setting your connection as a metered network from Wi-Fi settings, background updates and data usage is restricted.

Wi-Fi metered Connection

Solution 4: Change default DNS to the googles DNS server for faster resolutions

Control panel>network and internet>network connections>ipv4>properties>set dns

see images below

Solution 5: Clear temp files and data from browsers.

Solution 6: Remove viruses and adware and crypto-miners which are the main reason for slow internet.

Solution 7: Remove toolbars and plugins added without your consent or if your plugins bar is cluttered. More the plugins more the time required to load the page.

Solution 8: Do a speed test and if it’s still slow after all optimizations contact your ISP and ask them to check the connection.

Solution 9: Flush DNS to reset it. Use the following command in command prompt. Command:ipconfig /flushdns

Solution 10: Use a Download manager like IDM OR DAP these applications can significantly increase download speed. Click here to download.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, perform the recommended optimizations to maximize performance. Read our article on how to make your Wi-Fi faster.

Or you can just…!!!!LOL



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