10 ways to Make your pc faster


When working on your Computer, is it so slow that irritates you and kick your Energetic mood to work .?

This presents lots of time to ask important questions like “why is my computer so slow?” and “how much would it hurt if I punched my monitor? LOL”

The answer to the second question: a lot.

The answer to the first question is a bit more complicated. There are many factors that conspire to make your PC slow down.

Before you bite the bullet and splash on a new PC, try these simple tips to speed up your computer and eventually avoid punching a hole in your Computer Screen.

Tip 1: Update all the drivers and software’s especially graphics card, CPU, motherboard and update direct x to the latest version. Use Driver Booster for this task.

Driver Booster- To update all your drivers

Tip 2: Use apps such as drive booster to regularly update drivers automatically and install all the necessary gaming components for maximum speed and performance. Use Razer cortex game booster and fine-tune settings for max performance.

Tip 3: Increase virtual memory to twice of the ram you have so that you get plenty of memory. This memory is used when the system runs out of ram, so the more you have the better.

Tip 4:  Set battery mode to high performance on the laptop. High performance ensures that the battery is used optimally for performance.

Performance Mode

Tip 5: Set windows appearance settings for max performance.

Tip 6: Go to Windows 10 settings and turn off all background apps and go to task manager and disable the AutoStart up of all the apps using task manager and privacy settings. This will save precious RAM memory.

Tip 7:  Use CCleaner to fully erase all temporary junk files and clean your c drive for max performance.Uninstall all the bloatware from your system


Tip 8: Check for viruses and malware they kill performance regularly clean your system with antivirus. Disable unnecessary features of windows that you don’t use like Cortana maps location and other background services.

Tip 9: Defragment your hard drive regularly and clean your laptop and desktop properly so that dust doesn’t accumulate on fans and the board.

Tip 10: Overclock CPU and graphics card if it’s possible. Also, try a factory reset and proper clean reinstall of windows. This will significantly improve performance.

Finally, if you’re playing games, then manually fine-tune the game settings to get the best performance without compromising graphics. Features such as anti-aliasing and texture filtering take a lot of resources, disable them to get maximum performance.

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