Are you stuck because of the censorship laws or are you unavailable to watch your favorite shows and anime maybe some adult stuff… Don’t worry we have your back… Introducing OpenVPN. The only truly free to use VPN without any ads or charges and anonymous for hacking as well

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Step 1: Simply Go to the OpenVPN website

open vpn


Step2: Go to community downloads sections and Download the community free version

open vpn download

Step 3: Once OpenVPN is downloaded Install the OpenVPN and wait for the installation to finish. Its the same as any windows software so just click next and you will be done.

Download open vpn

Step 4: Run the open VPN

run open vpn

Step 5: Now you need to download an OpenVPN config file. Go to this website or download openconfig file for the fastest server in the region you want. Click on OpenVPN config file.

open config file

Step 6: Now  Check at the lower corner of the taskbar… Right-click on the icon as shown and select import.


import vpn

Step 7: After selecting import click on the config file.Now that its imported click on connect and viola your done.

config file open vpn

You are now connected to a vpn.. You can use this to browse the internet and view restricted sites. Try hacks anonymously etc….. Happy hacking..!!!

connect open vpn



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