13 Websites to Get Personal Information of Anyone


The Internet is a vast pool of personal information or even regular information of every individual or organization that benefits from it. This information is available all over the web if you know where to find it. If you have read our articles before, then you know that “Privacy is a Myth” and today we are here to prove that exact thing to you. And also guiding to on how you can get anyone’s personal information from the websites given below.

These websites are not illegal, but they do have found out the loopholes in the system and are cleverly exploiting it for various purposes. The method of these websites is very simple. When you put any name on the search bar to find the personal information, it searches the name with filters on every social media for their account and reverts you with information. It might sound like an easy task but the speed and methods used by these websites make them worth a try.

This article is strictly for Educational Purposes. We do not encourage or support illegal activities and will not be responsible for any of your illegal activities.

1) Spokeo

In Spokeo, you can search people via their names, phone numbers, E-mail, and Residential address. Spokeo maintains information like White Pages and can provide you with basic info, social media information, connections to other people etc.

Spokeo- Website to get Personal Information

2) Pipl

Pipl which sounds like “people” holds data of 3 Million people. For searching someone you will need anyone from Name, E-mail, Social Media account username or phone number. You can add location too for better results.


3) Zabasearch

Zabasearch is a US-based people search website. You need a Name or a Phone number to search for a person. Zabasearch is free of cost which only requires logging-in with Facebook. They claim to provide 3 times more accurate residential information than typical white pages directory.

Zaba Search

4) Whitepages

Whitepages provides you data which no other website would provide you. The data includes background checks, criminal records, business details, financial records, licenses etc. Additional information needs a subscription though but this plenty of information isn’t available anywhere else.

Whitepages- Personal Information

5) Newenglandfacts

England based person lookup website needs only first and last name and state or city for searching someone’s info. It provides basic details, business and property details, phone listings and neighborhood connections.


6) Peekyou

Peekyou offers free service of providing a person’s info. It is meant to reconnect with old friends, colleagues, classmates. It fetches data from social media sites, blogs, Mail data etc.


7) Beenverified

Name, City, State is all Beenverified need for searching somebody. You can find addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, E-mails.


8) Intelius

Intelius accepts the First Name and Last Name and City details to provide you with Name, Phone Number, Past and Present addresses, age, Date of birth, relatives and aliases.
Intelius- Website to get Personal Information

9) iTools Wink People Search

Wink People search finds people across the internet, social media sites. It is a Tool on iTools websites which provides person information lookup.


10) Backgroundchecks

Backgroundchecks finds people across the USA, every information is provided, from phone number to business bankruptcy to criminal records.


11) Checkpeople

Checkpeople is another US based people search website. You are greeted with an attractive looking website in which you can get full names, addresses, relatives, traffic records, criminal records, social media accounts, marriage status, contact info.


12) Peoplefinders

Peoplesfinders is also a US-based website which provides basic info, criminal records, public records and also a phone number lookup.


13) Pearltrees

Pearltrees searches for people from social media sites, blogs, professional sites, and other sites which holds user profile.


So, guys, these were the best 13 websites for getting personal information of any person.

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