Utorrent- How to use utorrent

How to use Utorrent

The Utorrent is the medium using which you can download the files like games, videos, movies, songs, and more. Whatever the files may be, if you have Utorrent, then you can download it for free. So today I will guide you on how to download any file using Utorrent and that too with maximum speed your ISP can provide or according to your subscription plan.

Step 1: Download the Utorrent from file hippo https://filehippo.com or from the main website https://www.utorrent.com


Step 2: Find the file you want to download and look for its magnet link. It will be just below or above the file. If not available, then copy the URL of the media file and copy it in “Add URL“.


Step 3: Right Click on the file and go to Bandwidth Allocation and set that to High. You will get better speed for that torrent.

Step 4: Let it download… Then if possible start seeding to support the torrent. Enjoy The downloaded Media.

Note: We do not support piracy nor do we encourage it. Piracy is illegal and might result in fines and lawsuits. You have been warned.


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