Want to hide your voice and be anonymous…?? What you need is called voice spoofing. Changing your voice caller id and location so that you remain untraceable like a real hacker. So, we have for you our collection of voice spoofing apps and websites which will help you be anonymous and trick your victims.

  1. www.spoofcard.com

Spoofcard sits at number one position in our list of Voice/Caller ID spoofing websites. With the help of spoofcard, you can spoof the caller ID of yours. In addition to that, spoofcard also has a voice spoofing feature which changes your voice according to gender selected. You can even add background sounds for additional spoofing. Also, you can send spoof texts to anyone via a fake number. For making a call you need to buy talktime, just like usual mobile recharge. These features make spoofcard a perfect website for spoofing Caller ID and Voice.

Spoofcard- Voice Spoofing

  1. http://www.spooftel.com

Just like spoofcard there is another website known as spooftel. Spooftel has features like Caller ID spoofing, Voice spoofing based on gender, downloading recorded calls. Except for the feature of adding background sound, spooftel is same as spoofcard. There are rates which will be applicable when using spooftel to make a spoof call.


  1. www.spoofmyphone.com

Spoofmyphone has same features as that of spoofcard and spooftel. But, there is an additional feature of group spoof calling which multiplies spoof call possibilities for us. The website claims to have SSL encryption between the caller and receiver for additional security.

Spoofmyphone- Spoofing voice

  1. www.spoofvoice.com

Until now we have seen voice spoofing websites which have their own recharges or rates for making spoof calls. But spoofvoice does not have any rates or recharge to be done. Instead, the call is made via Internet. But, one feature goes missing from this website, i.e. the ability to call from a different number. Although, spoofvoice doesn’t demand any signup from the users making it free of cost.


  1. www.itellas.com

If you want a website with free basic features and paid advanced features then itellas could be your choice. Features like caller ID spoofing and voice changing are present. In itellas you can set some rules for calling. Paid features include web-based calling, voice notes, toll free numbers, analytics.

Itellas- Free Voice & Call Spoofing

  1. www.bluffmycall.com

Bluff my call ticks all the boxes when it comes to features. Apart from the common features, bluffmycall has phonebook feature which lets you save all the contacts in your account for easy access. It also has a feature of straight to voicemail where a voice message is sent to directly to anyone you wish to.

  1. www.fakemyphone.in

Fakemyphone is nothing but an Indian version of Spoofmyphone. All the features provided and even the website are exactly the same.

  1. www.crazycall.net

Out of all these websites, crazycall is the one with ample of customizations. While making a spoof call we can choose our country, which fake number to display on the targets phone, and pitch of our voice. Surprisingly, these features does not require any signing up and are available for mobile platforms too.

  1. https://lyrebird.ai/

Lyrebird allows us to create high-qualityLyreword- Voice Spoofing voice models. Voice models are required for business purposes, narration in movies, television shows etc. Lyrebird can change our voice completely. This can be useful in sending voice messages to other people.

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