Is your Wi-Fi Slow like that it frustrates you when a simple webpage takes decades to load or shows broken images, broken links and what not? If you are one of them then this article is definitely for you. We have gathered 10 Easy and Quickest ways to fix your Wifi in no time. In short no muss no fuss. So lets directly jump on those solutions-

Solution 1: Place Wi-Fi router in a place with good reach, preferably It should be in your line of sight. The Closer you are, the faster is the speed you get on your Wi-Fi. Cause at a longer distance signal is not efficiently transmitted and received.

Wi-Fi router near devices

Solution 2: Update router firmware to the latest version. Latest Updates make the software faster and more secure.

Solution 3: Use Wi-Fi repeaters or Wi-Fi extenders in case your home or office is too big. By using these tools, you can efficiently gain better network strength and speed.

Solution 4: Check for signal interference from other routers from nearby sources as well as other devices near the router. Remove them if possible, otherwise switch to a different, less crowded channel. Switch to 5ghz channels as they are faster and less crowded. These can help you get really high speeds on the Wi-Fi.

Solution 5: Change your router password and disable WPS pin and enable mac filter. Secure your router as much as possible so that no one other than the authorized person can access the router.

Solution 6: Flush DNS and reset the router. Resetting might fix many of the Wi-Fi issues as it reverts everything to default factory settings. Use the following command in command prompt. Command:ipconfig /flushdns

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Solution 7: Check your traffic to see what’s really taking all the bandwidth. If an unnecessary service is taking all the network to disable it. If you do require more data and bandwidth change to a better plan or a different service provider.

Solution 8: Turn off the economy setting which limits power usage and increases router strength. Try to optimize the router settings to get maximum speed and security.

Solution 9: Turn your old router into a repeater. Using custom firmware such as DD-WRT and LDE etc. you can turn an old router into a repeater.

Solution 10: Use custom firmware by using custom firmware you can get higher security and performance as well as regular updates to the latest threats (for techies only).

If all else fails to buy a new router and change your Wi-Fi plan. If all possible tweaks cannot fix your issue, then it probably means your router is too outdated and the plan you’re using is not good for you. So, get one of the latest routers as the price of routers has significantly decreased.

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