zANTI is a penetration testing tool or hacking tool that allows you to perform malicious attacks on a network. You can also use zANTI to change device’s MAC address, create a malicious WiFi hotspot, exploit routers, Audit passwords, create and run an HTTP server on your Android device, scan a device for open ports, check the device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability. In-short this Android application is the perfect application for hackers for all their fantasies.Download from here

let’s first see what exactly can you do using zANTI-

  1. Change Device’s MAC Address
  2. Create Malicious Wi-Fi hotspot
  3. Hijack HTTP Sessions
  4. Capture Downloads
  5. Modify HTTP requests and responses
  6. Exploit routers
  7. Audit Passwords
  8. Check a Device for Shellshock and SSL Poodle Vulnerabilities

Every operation you can perform using zANTI is given below in simplest language so enjoy it.

1) How to change your device MAC address-

Open zANTI, swipe left and then select “MAC Changer” then tap on “set new MAC Address”. This will change your device MAC address to a new random one. You can also put up any specific MAC address.


2) How to create a malicious WiFi hotspot-

First, select “zTether” and then turn on the tether control. That’s done. Let people use your wifi hotspot. If they do, you will be able to control and hijack their device traffic, you will be able to view all the http requests, hijack sessions, view all the media that are transmitted on your network, modify request and responses, redirect  HTTPS to HTTP, redirect HTTP request to a particular IP or webpage, replace images, captures downloads, and so on. If you want to see all that, just tap on “view” button.

3) Hijack HTTP Sessions-

So basically here you can redirect all the HTTP traffic to a specific server or a site. By default, it will be directed to the Zimperium servers as soon as you ON “Redirect HTTP”. But you can also redirect it to a specific site by tapping on settings icon, then there you will find space for URL. Put the URL in the space and you are good to go.

4) Capture Downloads-

This feature will allow you to tap into the host’s download folder and get a copy of whatever you want in your system. For example, if you select “.pdf” from the menu and click on capture download then all the pdf’s will be downloaded in your phone.

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5) Modify HTTP requests and responses-

Use zPacketEditor which allows you to hack the HTTP requests and responses in your network. It is basically an interactive mode that can allow you to edit and send each request and response.

6) Exploit Routers-

Router pwn is a web application for exploiting router vulnerabilities. It is a collection of “ready to run” local and remote exploits. Use them. Firstly, tap on “”, then select your router vendor from it. Then you will see many exploits there. Choose any of them for your hacking.

7) Audit Passwords-

This is kind of the main feature of zANTI with which you can analyze your own network’s password so as to strengthen it if necessary. To do that select the device you want to audit and click on “GO” button. The result will display as good or need improvement.


8) how to check a Device for Shellshock and SSL Poodle Vulnerabilities

First, select the device. Then tap on “Shellshock/SSL Poodle”. It will start scanning the target device. Wait for sometime and then the result will be displayed.


These were the main hacks that you can execute using zANTi. Share this article if you like it.

Happy Hacking..

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